The ASh-71 Nightblossom is a common Sirian anti-starship missile. It can be fitted to all current Sirian Army Space Corps warships. It is named after a deadly yet beautiful black flower native to Siria.

Overview Edit

A medium sized anti-starship missile, the Nightblossom resembles a normal missile of its type. However, it is remarkable amongst Sirian anti-starship missiles in that it is a cluster missile - as it approaches the target, the ASh-71 launches a swarm of smaller missiles at the target which are intended to overwhelm point defences and force the enemy to take evasive action. The main body continues to guide and contains explosives of its own.

Not all missiles in the swarm contain normal warheads. Some contain decoys, jammers, or other electronic countermeasures to mislead enemy point defences, whilst others contain special warheads designed to temporarily disable the target's electrical systems.

Variants Edit

  • Nightblossom A: The original. Lacked ECM and anti-electronic warheads.
  • Nightblossom B: Improved ASh-71. Boasts higher range and terminal manoeuvres, including a high speed sprint to defeat last ditch efforts to destroy the missile.
  • Nightblossom C: Latest ASh-71 variant. Highest range and agility of all ASh-71s, and includes the full range of decoys and anti-electronic warheads. It also contains a larger swarm than earlier variants. Due to all of this, it is sometimes dubbed the Super Nightblossom or the Nightblossom II.

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