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Sirian Union

Ae Abex ("The Unit" in Eqiti) is the prime intelligence agency in the Sirian Union. A secretive organisation, it is responsible for conducting espionage and clandestine activities (up to and including direct action) both outwith and - if deemed necessary - within Sirian space to facilitate national interests. Furthermore, it performs counter-intelligence, psychological warfare and deception operations. Its motto is "I Dare".

Famously, nobody except the Chairwoman herself and her inner circle knows where its headquarters are based nor the identity of its head, whom reports to the Chairwoman directly. They are also recognised for their precise, surgical approach, leaving nothing to chance.

Direct action operations are carried out by Ae Abex's Special Activities Branch (SAB), which consists of a cadre of highly trained operatives who can carry out anything from deniable commando raids to unconventional warfare deep in the heart of enemy territory.

Ae Abex is also notable for its relatively high employment of double agents (who are extensively vetted) and male operatives, as well as its unrelentingly pragmatic approach to achieving its goals.

History Edit

Although it cannot be stated with any great certainty which wars Ae Abex has participated in, these conflicts are suspected of having Ae Abex involvement:

Essllean War Edit

Widely believed to be one of the most likely examples of Ae Abex interference, the Your Friends from Siria psychological warfare campaign is an example of the effectiveness of well employed psychological operations. Roughly a month into the war, Rakashian and TV transmissions were hijacked by an unknown source. The transmissions consisted of carefully scrubbed combat footage from Sirian aerospacecraft and other sources showing Rakashian units being destroyed, surrendering, or routed, along with calls to surrender. The campaign received its name from the telltale ending of each transmission - a test pattern with a Rakashian skull overlaid upon it, and the sign off "Your Friends from Siria".

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