The Agreement for the Defense and Encouragement of Peaceful Territories and Societies (ADEPTS) is a defense agreement between the Norb Network and nearby nations of the Known Galaxy that wish to exist in peace.

The creation of ADEPTS occurred some time after the War in Heiwa, when the Norb dedicated significant quantities of computer time to simulating their existence. After testing the various scenarios possible, the subsequent results determined that it was highly unlikely for the Free Minds Society to be able to continue their peaceful existence in a galaxy filled with far more violent and heavily-armed nations.

As a result, the Norb declared their neighbors in the Free Minds Society under its protection in the interest of preserving their culture without having to militarize them as the Norb had done for their own survival. Over the next few years, the two nations drafted and signed the official agreement in 3285.

While the Norb continued to maintain the policy they had established with the Verandi after the Technocrat War of never allowing their own technology to be given to other species, they provided optimizations of several existing FMS technologies, such as their non-lethal law enforcement robots. The uninhabitable planet and moon furthest from Heiwa were used for the establishment of Norb bases and housing of defenses and non-FTL security ships. Finally, mass shadow projectors were installed and maintained by the Norb throughout the system.

As an additional protection for the Heiwans, the He-Tai are committed to defending the Free Minds Society, and will send a fleet to defend and patrol the region in the event of war.

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