An airoth male.

The Airoth are a repto-mammalian space-faring species originally from the planet Astara. Prior to encountering the Sarken Hegemony, the people of Astara were an Iron Age civilization, but were uplifted and subjugated by the Sarken. The species is now considered a subject race of the Sarken Hegemony, and the planet Astara is considered part of Sarken space.


The airoth are a bulky race with six limbs. Two of these limbs, located near the shoulders, are much larger than the other four, and are used to help the airoth support itself. The other four limbs, which can be called "arms" and "legs" due to their general positions, dangle from the airoth's body and are used primarily to grasp and manipulate objects. Airoth have knobbly brown skin with large rounded scales on it, and wide pinkish eyes. Their faces are wrinkly and flat, with a barely-protruding nose. Airoth often have long, unkempt black hair, and both sexes grow their hair long.


Airoth are almost entirely muscle-- there is very little body fat in the airoth system. Their arms are thus extremely strong and can lift many times their own weight, helped by the support their "superior limbs" provide. Their bones are similarly extremely durable, capable of supporting much more weight than a human.

Airoth share traits of both mammals and reptiles. They give birth to live young, suckle, and have hair like mammals. However, they have scales, internal ears, and keep growing throughout their lives like reptiles.


Airoth, though omnivores, tend to prefer eating fruits and vegetables over meat. The airoth cultivated over 50 different species of fruits and vegetables that make up the bulk of the airoth diet. In addition, the airoth have readily accepted genetically-altered crops created by the Sarken, that are more resistant to parasites and have hardier, more frequent harvests.

Gender and ReproductionEdit

Airoth give birth to live young and suckle them with milk. They typically have small litters of children; usually 2 to 4 offspring at once. The airoth mother will use their smaller limbs to cradle their offspring.

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