The aiyura, also known as the Zeconian year, is the standard annual unit of timekeeping employed by the Kuhneebo Conglomerate, and the primary unit of the Kongolese Calendar.

There are 143 ziyuras in an aiyura, which are broken off into eleven groups of thirteen Zeconian days.


  • Siyura: The smallest standard unit of time (excluding prefixes), the siyura is approximately equivalent to .82 seconds. There are 98 Siyuras in a miyura.
  • Miyura: The miyura is a group of 98 siyuras, roughly equal to 80.4 seconds and 1.34 minutes.
  • Hiyura: The hiyura is a group of 98 miyuras, and the largest time unit that is used to divide a Zeconian day. It is nearly equal to 2.19 hours, or 131.25 minutes. The hiyura is loosely translated to other languages as the Kongolese equivalent of an "hour".
  • Ziyura: The ziyura is the length of one zeconian day. It is sub-divided into 14 hiyuras. Each ziyura is equal to 30.63 hours, or 1.28 standard days.
  • Qiyura: When compared to the equivalent timekeeping units of other nations, the qiyura is considered a concept that merges the weeks and months of the standard calendar. A qiyura is thirteen ziyuras, or 14.04 standard days. This value is coincidentally approximate to two standard galactic weeks, and is sometimes referred to as a "half-month".
  • Aiyura: The Zeconian year is divided into eleven qiyuras. With a length of 182.5 galactic days, the aiyura is nearly equal to 0.5 standard galactic years.

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