The alalae is an ancient throwing weapon from Zeconis. It was one of the most common ranged weapons in ancient Zeconian history, thousands of years before the formation of the Kuhneebo Conglomerate, when the kuhn were still in the wood age and relying on simplistic technologies. Constructed in the shape of a large ring, the alalae was meant to be thrown with significant force over medium distances. A terrifying weapon, it was primarily designed to momentarily stun a target so that it would lose its balance or grip and fall to its death. These were made from wood, and could be produced in large quantities by even the most primitive cultures by carving out and slicing a cylindrical branch or log. Later alalae would incorporate more complex shapes, with jagged edges and teeth that could gore a target even if they maintained their position.

Along with the spear, the alalae is one of the most frequently mentioned weapons in the ancient Zeconian myths of the Branchway.

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