Amunn's Genuine Sirian Products is the name of a range of food products. Aside from a wide variety of traditional Sirian foodstuffs, the range also consists of foreign food given a uniquely Sirian twist. The image best associated with the brand is the titular Amunn, a Sirian househusband who closely resembles the breed of dog known as a golden retriever.

The brand's slogan is "Taste The Difference!"

Products Edit

Unsurprisingly, there is a dizzying array of products in the range. Hence, the list is not exhaustive. Each product's name is formatted as the phrase "Amunn's Genuine [x] [y]", where [x] is a Sirian planet or nation and [y] is the name of the product.

  • Amunn's Genuine Hrondfor Hot Sauce: Comes in three varieties - Nice 'n' Mild, Peppy 'n' Spicy, and Intense 'n' Fiery. Due to the spiciness of the sauce, the most common purchases are Nice 'n' Mild and Peppy 'n' Spicy. However, Intense 'n' Fiery is a popular choice for young Sirians aiming to prove how tough they are.
  • Amunn's Genuine Jiuzann Ice Cream: Slightly sweeter than ice cream produced by human nations, this dessert can be more accurately described as gelato. There are several flavours available.
  • Amunn's Genuine Ruzanni Spices: A proprietary blend of Sirian herbs and spices. The label suggests seasoning zatru steak with the spices for best results.
  • Amunn's Genuine Efiemi Cake Mix: A cake mix based on a traditional Efiemi cake recipe.

Mascot Edit

The most enduring symbol of the brand is Amunn, whose wholesome and friendly appearance is a common sight to Sirians everywhere, as well as non-Sirians who live in Sirian space. He is normally depicted wearing a typical househusband's clothing. However, limited Collector's Edition containers show him in a variety of costumes that are relevant to the product (for example, a firefighter's outfit for Hrondfor Hot Sauce, winter clothing for Jiuzann Ice Cream, etc.). Alternatively, they may commemorate special days in the Sirian calendar (such as a soldier's uniform for the Armed Forces Weekend). These frequently live up to their names and become cherished collectors' items.

Amunn's likeness and name is taken from Amunn Jacuuzal, the Sirian businessman who founded the company that manufactures the products.

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