Demonym: Andarri
Allegiance: Ashkathi Union
Capital: Gahafa-gan
Governing Official: The Council of Andarr
Population: 510 million
Planet: Soskella (twin)
Star System: Tokuune

Andarr is a planet in the Tokuune system, a binary planet along with its partner Soskella. The planet Andarr is a member of the Ashkathi Union. The word andaar means "hunter" in Gaale, since it looks like Andarr is chasing Soskella around space.


Andarr is a small and harsh planet, roughly 65% smaller than Larine. The planet is fairly quiet geologically, and time has worn the planet into a fairly smooth surface. The planet is covered in rolling hills and grand continents.


Andarr's climate is the coldest in the Ashkathi Union, usually hovering around 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit (15 to 20 C) before dropping to below freezing in the winter. The oceans are colder near the poles, and there are constant ice sheets there. Most Ashkathi cannot tolerate the cold climate near Andarr's poles, without protection.


Andarri life is hardy, much like that of Soskella, but the life calls to mind Earth and its Ice Age.

Plant lifeEdit

Andarri plantlife takes the form of kakanuti trees, which are tall, robust conifers that form thick forests nearby the temperate equator, and makai moss, which tends to grow closer to the poles.

Animal lifeEdit

Animals on Andarr are usually large and covered in thick fur. One of the more well-known Andarri animals is the tatara-la, also known as the great woolly oreothere due to its mountainous lifestyle. This lumbering creature is roughly the size of a rhinoceros, with a build much like a hippopotamus and the temperament of a cow. They move in great herds across the steppes of the planet, mostly living on the foothills of mountains. Its main predator is the bandaka, or saber skuller, which is a large hyena-like carnivorous mammal-like creature with long saber fangs and a facial pattern that resembles a skull. In the sea, most life takes the form of small dolphin-like animals, including the dakuti, a playful animal that most resembles a cross between a seal and a dolphin.


Andarr's most populous city is Gahafa-gan, which is home to most of Andarr's population and is located close to the equator.


Andarr has no moons, but it does orbit around Soskella, and vice versa.

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