Annihilator-Class Plasma Devastator Facility
Class Overview
Service: Norb Network
Commissioned: 3237
Preceded By:  ?
Succeeded By:  ?
Built: At least 1
Active: At least 1
Length: ~11300m
Engines: 8x Iron Fusion Thruster
Armor: ~5000m stone and iron
Armaments: 8x Annihilator-Class Plasma Devastator
FTL Capable: No

The Annihilator-Class Plasma Devastator Facility is a hybrid ship-station of Norb Network design, created for the purpose of defending Galactic Heritage Sites in the greater Known Galaxy. Its utterly devastating cannon arrangement makes it the ultimate defense against threats to galactic culture.


The ACPDF is constructed and moved over a span of several years, usually a decade, by utilizing self-replicating machines on an asteroid. Roughly based on the designs for Norb orbital defense platforms, the ACPDF is designed to be a low-technology, long-lifespan, fully autonomous defense installation capable of limited movement and course correction. Each ACPDF is unique to the asteroid it is installed on, but all share several key design elements.

The station is named after the Annihilator-Class Plasma Devastators which it is armed with. Each ACPD is a hybrid kinetic-plasma cannon, with eight of the cannons installed equidistant from each other on the surface, and correspondingly equidistant from the eight Iron Fusion Thrusters. The ACPD fires a massive silicon-encased liquid-iron round. With mass alone, the round causes physical damage capable of penetrating and crippling any capital ship, while the superheated iron core instantaneously converts the ship's atmosphere to plasma.

At the core of the ACPDF is a Gravity Shadow Projector that mimics the extra-dimensional properties of a sun, inhibiting any ship from exiting or entering FTL within several hours of it at sub-light speeds. It broadcasts warning messages in all possible languages and frequencies, ensuring that any incoming attacks are pre-meditated by several hours.

As its eight Iron Fusion Thrusters are only capable of long-term course correction, the ACPDF is not capable of being used offensively. It can withstand a tremendous amount of damage due to its thick silicon-iron shell, while energy shields are employed to protect the thrusters, cannons, and hangar bays.

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