Allegiance: Norb Network
Capital: N/A
Population: N/A
Star System: Tertius System

Anubis is the first extra-solar planet of the Norb Network to house boron-based life, located in the Tercius system.


For more information about the system, see Tertius System.

Anubis is the fourth planet in its system, and is one of the three planets out of the seven in the system that was capable of becoming a Host. Unlike Isis and Ra, however, Anubis was not terraformed. Instead, it has a naturally-occurring atmosphere that houses boron-based flora and fauna.


The large amounts of nitrogen and relative lack of oxygen, as well as its oceans of ammonia that contain concentrated levels of alkaline metals, gives the planet a brownish color when looked at from space. There are three continents, with two each possessing roughly ten percent of the planet's surface area each, while the third has about five percent. The oceans, as mentioned, are made of ammonia and take up three-quarters of the surface area.




The Tertius System was one of the first three systems brought into the Network before the Norb's invention of FTL, along with the Secundus and Quartus systems. Anubis was the only planet with life on it, and the lifeforms were found to use boron rather than silicon as the central component of their biochemistry.