Ashkai class exploratory vessel
Class Overview
Commissioned: 3070
Preceded By: N/A
Built: 6
Active: 5
Type: Exploratory vessel
Length: 300
Engines: 1 ion engine
Armor: 150 mm plating
Crew: 57
FTL Capable: No

The Ashkai class exploratory vessel is a civilian vessel class of the Ashkathi Union. It has been used since the launch of the retroactively-named UAS Ashkai, the first Ashkathi vessel to enter outer space. Since then, five other vessels have been modeled after the Ashkai, with some modifications to allow to elongated time in space. The Ashkathi do not regularly change vessels, instead slightly tweaking similar models while keeping the same ships under constant maintenance for long periods of time. Therefore, all ships in the Ashkai class are slightly different from one another.

Ships in classEdit

  • UAS Ashkai (Decommissioned after first mission)
  • UAS Bontuu
  • UAS Senna
  • UAS Dalakaan
  • UAS Rikoa
  • UAS Viilas