The visible-spectrum components of the flag of Aux Sedonis.

Aux Sedonis is a corporation in the Kuhneebo Conglomerate, located on Zeconis. It is a publicly held company, and has the highest revenues of any corporation on Zeconis. In the entire Kongo only Corrilia outproduces it. It is the fifth-largest corporation by surface area, and fourth largest in quantity of arks.


The corporation occupies a large peninsula along the equator of Zeconis, with the rest of the continent of Kiin bordering it on the west. It is the site of many ruins from the ancient Dannic Empire, due to Dann the Conqueror setting her capital on the eastern shore.

The south is filled with dense jungles and is home to some of the largest cities in the corporation. A mountain range lies on the southwest, while the northwest is home to a wide desert, both recorded throughout history as natural defenses from invaders. The central region of the peninsula is home to great plains and deserts that lie between the jungles to the south and the snow forests towards the north, cutting diagonally through the continent.

Its capital is the Vertical City.


Aux Sedonis is a company formed after a hostile takeover of the largest subsidiary of Sedonia, which was itself one of the companies formed after the dissolution of the Partnership of Kiin. The region has been historically difficult to control, with various governments and corporations struggling to exert control of the land for thousands of years before its independence.

In the early years of the Dannic Empire, Dann the Conqueror claimed the area that would later become Aux Sedonis. She used it as a staging ground against the southern lands. After the collapse of the empire, the region changed governments several times, ultimated being privatized as part of Corrilia. After the Corrilian War, with the land formerly belonging to Corrilia being fought over by the other corporations, the Partnership of Kiin seized control of the area and made it a Partner.

During the Galactic Dark Age, the Partnership was dissolved as part of the Silent Era and the Sedonia company seized control of the majority of northern Kiin. In 3311, the Sedonia subsidiary known as Aux declared independence from the corporation, beginning the Aux Acquisition that would last until 3317.


Aux Sedonis produces more stonethrowers than any other corporation on Zeconis. In addition to selling weapons to other nations, nearly half of the minor corporations of Zeconis purchase their weaponry. The XJ-9 Assault Stonethrower and QT-2 Pocket Rocket are by far their best-selling weapon, with hundreds of million being assembled each year.

The have strong Husk and Jump Pack industries, but make far less per year than some of the other corporations, and significantly less profit than their stonethrower divisions.

Notable Aux SedoniansEdit

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