Azai: Scourge of the East is a series of low fantasy novels written by Verzua Ehuo about the adventures of Azai, a barbarian hailing from the savage eastern provinces of her world. There have been several adaptations of the Azai series with varying levels of success, including comic books, films, radio dramas, and more. The first novel, Scourge of the East, was written in 3472.

Major Characters Edit

Azai: Known as the Scourge of the East, as well as the Barbarian Queen, Azai is a towering hulk of muscle whose appearance belies her brutal cunning. Relying upon both her intelligence and her sword in equal measure, she aims to attain glory for both herself and her people.

Aqunn: The Sorcerer King and a recurring antagonist, Aqunn relies upon dark magics and his masculine charms to enact his plans. Although his exact goals are unclear, it seems that he desires to rule the world. Vain and petty, but a foe not to be underestimated.

The Empress: Ruler of the largest empire in the known world, she is never identified by anything except her title. Like the Sorcerer King, she wishes to attain world domination. An adept political operator, her most powerful weapon is her armies rather than anything she wields.

Overview Edit

Every book covers an adventure in the life of Azai the barbarian. Although certain characters are a fixture of the larger plot, most books are completely disconnected from one another. One of the staples of the series is the fact that Azai typically ends up having a relationship with at least one scantily clad man per novel - including, most (in)famously, the Sorcerer King.

Books in the Series Edit

Book Number Book Title
1 Scourge of the East
2 Wrath of the Sorcerer King
3 The Death Cult of Jir
4 The Black Fortress
5 Azai and The High Priest of Balal
6 Return of the Sorcerer King
7 The Empress's Gambit
8 The Lost Expedition
9 The Shadowsinger
10 Azai Goes Forth

Reception Edit

Hailed as one of the classics by many Sirian scholars, the series has been recommended as an accessible way for non-Sirians to enjoy Sirian literature.

The Azai series was brought to the Verandi Empire by Sirian immigrants, and enjoys a modest following thanks to continual reprints and the regular television series featured on TeleUabarri. The setting of the series has been a continual source of confusion in Verandi, as fantasy is not a common genre in the empire, but the action adventure scenes of the various television series are appreciated for their imagination and uniqueness. 

Reviewers in the Kongo have given the works mixed-to-positive reviews. Critics generally praise the action and overall plot, while lamenting the prudish writing and Azai's handling of her financial assets. The name "Azai" enjoyed a large level of popularity for newborns when they were first introduced.

The Norb Network declared the works to be of significant cultural value, and preserved digital versions in the Library of Norbress.

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