Azarr class frigate
Class Overview
Service: 3544 - Present
Commissioned: 3546 - Present
Preceded By:  ???
Succeeded By:  ???
Built:  ???
Active:  ???
Type: Missile frigate
Length: 700m
Engines: 2 x ion ring thrusters
Armor: 3m Pellao armour plating

1m Victory ERA

Protective Gel (between hull and armour)

1 x Preserver shield generator

Armaments: 2 x 61 cell VLS, containing a mix of:
  • ASh-71 Nightblossom cluster missile
  • IN-89 Shield interceptors
  • IN-128 Bulwark interceptors
  • ASm-8 Rebuke PD anti-smallcraft missiles
  • ASm-12 Castigator anti-smallcraft missiles

2 x decoy launcher, containing:

  • Ultra Rapid Blooming Offboard Countermeasures (URBOC)

2 x rail cannons

2 x light railcannons

2 x BUR-2 Eadall CIWS

Crafts Carried: 2 x reconnaissance drones
Crew: 100
FTL Capable: Yes

The Azarr class frigate is a Sirian Army Space Corps capital ship. It is named after a major city in the Sirian Union's territory. However, some jokingly dub it the "Super Varral" due to some of the commonality it shares with the Varral class corvette.

Design Overview Edit

Weapons Edit

Due to its mission of protecting the fleet & shipping from small craft, pirates, and small vessels, its armament largely reflects this.

A healthy mix of anti-missiles and anti-small craft missiles are carried in two VLS cells, one mounted to the top of the vessel and one mounted at the bottom to provide 360 degree coverage.

The VLS cells also contain ASh-71 Nightblossom cluster missiles to allow the frigate to engage other vessels. The Nightblossom in particular was selected to maximise the Azarr class's firepower per missile - the Lance and Misericorde would have been an inefficient choice.

Sensors & AI Edit

The Azarr class has two sets of high resolution search and fire control sensors. Furthermore, to ensure that oncoming small craft and projectiles are detected and defeated early, a AI constantly monitors the sensors for the slightest indication of a threat.

Defences Edit

The Azarr class continues the various hallmarks of Sirian ship design with compartmentalisation, Pellao armour plating, oxygen purging, and a carefully designed internal security system. However, it also includes a special protective gel sandwiched between the interior and the armour plating. This is designed to slow incoming shrapnel and projectiles so they do less damage to the interior, even if the armour is breached.

Like the Varral class, a single Preserver shield generator with redundant power sources shields the frigate from harm. Eadall CIWS systems act as a last line of defence against missiles and small craft that manage to enter the "zone of denial" thrown up by the frigate.

The Azarr class also possesses a pair of decoy launchers that fire URBOC projectiles. These provide a complete spread of decoys and multi-spectrum countermeasures to frustrate attempts by the enemy to target the frigate. However, a useful sub-mode of the decoy launchers allows the URBOCs to be fired in such a way as to protect another vessel, so long as they are sufficiently close to the Azarr class.

Engines & Power Generation Edit

Due to its role as an escort, a very long time on station was deemed necessary. Hence, ion ring technology was seen as the best choice for this vessel. It is not unusual for Azarr class frigates to be seen blockading known pirate approach vectors for long periods of time.

Ships in the class Edit

ASC Azarr

ASC Biuzan

ASC Hrontar

ASC Sky City

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