Azunn Berreil
Species: Sirian
Nation: Sirian Union
Gender: Male
Date of Birth:  ???? (38 years old)
Homeworld: Hrondfor
Hair color: White
Eye color: Blue
Relatives: Azoi (Mother)
Position: Ambassador to the Galactic Nation

Azunn Berreil is the ambassador to the Galactic Nations from the Sirian Union.

The son of a successful mining magnate, Azunn's mother did not have much time to bond with Azunn. Instead, his father did almost all the caretaking.

Azunn entered politics, his primary occupation being the negotiations among the Sirian Union's member states. Azunn rose in office after moving to foreign affairs, eventually becoming Chief Ambassador. In this capacity, he worked to ease the tensions between Siria and the Rakashian Consulate, which had been strained since the Essllean War. Azunn was later appointed Ambassador to the Galactic Nations where he has served up to the present.

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