The baar is a timand native to Zeconis. It is a distant relative to the fissip, though it has adapted to a predatory lifestyle and poses a great danger when encountered in the wild. While the baar belongs to a different phylum than the oxtobaar, ancient cultures named the flying beast after the baar to signify its danger. It is a related species to the drop baar.


Like fissips, baars are large, mostly hairless animals with a predominantly semi-spherical shape, but are reddish brown in color. Their bodies are approximately 2 meters in diameter and have three large double-kneed legs located above their head and on either side. The side legs are one meter in length, while the top leg is two meters, and each foot has a set of five long claws used to grip onto trees, such as the Iaddora. They lack eyes, instead possessing five ears circling their bodies.

Baars possess a thick, armor-like outer shell that is challenging to pierce, while its three independent hearts makes a baar difficult to put down. The only part of a baar that is not covered in armor is the center of its underside, where its mouth is located. A baar's mouth contains dozens of circularly-arranged dagger-like teeth that let it tear into an enemy.


Baars are usually not ferocious, mean or malicious. They are normally shy, retiring animals that have very little desire to interact with kuhneebo. Unless they are forced to be around people to be near a food source, they usually choose to avoid them. They are a somewhat defensive, protective species and will not typically initiate an attack against another large animal or person, instead huddling closer to their simales and young to protect them. Only if something is seen as a threat to them will baars attack.


The baar is omnivorous, usually relying on large kills for its primary nutrition, and then subsisting on plant matter until it can find new prey. They prefer to obtain meat from rivers, fishing by using their large mouths, or wildlife that died of natural causes. Unlike the fissip, which can eat bark, the baar's digestive system is no longer capable of processing the dense iaddora wood.

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