Place of Origin: Norb Network
Service: 3220-Present
Produced: 3220-Present
Type: Lightweight Aerial Drone
Length: 1m/1.8m
Height: 10cm/32cm
Width: 1m/1.8m
x1 Laser Bullpup
x4 Micromissile
Crew: Norb AI
Passengers: 0
Cargo Capacity: 0

The Battleblade platform is a lightweight Norb Network drone. Shaped like an "X" with a spherical center, it can compact itself to a footprint of approximately one square meter, and a height of 10cm, allowing massive quantities of drones to be carried and deployed in a battlefield. Armed with only a laser rifle apparatus and four micromissiles, it is not meant to engage heavily armored vehicles, instead being effective against infantry, powered armor, and light vehicles. Utilizing instantaneous coordination between units, groups of drones prove highly effective in hunting down targets.

The Battleblade utilizes a coaxial multirotor design powered by an onboard hypercapacitor to maximize flight efficiency and save space. Because of this, drones can be left hovering for extended periods of time compared to alternative methods of thrust. Its construction, combined with its impressive electronic countermeasures, makes it difficult to detect and allows Battleblades to double as a surveillance network. For this reason, BURN employs more Battleblades in a conflict than any other aerial vehicle.

Even when the drone's engines are destroyed, its weapons can continue to operate as a stationary turret on the battlefield. In the event of an ambush attack on the drone that cripples the flight equipment, oftentimes the gun and missiles are capable of quickly returning fire as it falls to the ground.

If required, a quartet of drones can airlift a standard-size Battleball, and smaller battleballs can be carried by only a single drone, while large ones may require more.

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