"Think smart, think Berreil." - Marketing slogan
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Berreil Mining & Manufacturing
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Sirian Union

Berreil Mining & Manufacturing is a Sirian company that mines and processes ores and manufactures a wide variety of products. One of their trademarks is the use of unconventional or exotic solutions to various issues.

History Edit

Formed in 3470, Berreil Mining had something of a bumpy ride as it tried to set itself apart from its larger, better established competitors. Rather than attempt to take them head on, Berreil Mining instead focused on increasing the efficiency of their operations as well as making marginal resource fields and seams economically viable.

Although it took many years, this approach bore fruit, and the company looked to expand its business. Berreil Mining bought out a company that manfactured mining equipment and thus became Berreil Mining & Manufacturing. Being able to make their own equipment "in house" decreased costs significantly. It was this which allowed BMM to become a sizeable company, and in turn make some acquisitions that others have initially derided as inexplicable only to become very profitable.

Always looking ahead, BMM has recently entered the lucrative defence sector, offering products unlike those of their rivals.


The original company's logo was a single hexagon; its current form represents the main company (in the centre) and its mergers (surrounding it). The logo represents resilience, as well as ores in a more prosaic fashion. Some have argued that the fact the other hexagons are outwith the central hexagon are something of a representation of "outside the box" thinking. Although this may seem farfetched, it is well known that the company founder (and several subsequent CEOs) had a keen interest in alien (including human) cultures.

Divisions Edit

There are five companies in the Berreil Mining & Manufacturing group:

  • Berreil Mining: The main group. Mines and processes ores.
  • Berreil Manufacturing: This division creates mining equipment, particularly for unconventional applications.
  • Berreil Motors: Berreil Motors sells many automobiles.
  • Berreil Artificial Intelligences: As the name suggests, Berreil Artificial Intelligences manufactures AIs for both the domestic and export markets. Their most well known product is the Jatunn series.
  • Berreil Weapon Systems: The latest addition to the company, Berreil Weapon Systems specialises in the development and manufacture of weaponry and armour. Their products are typically unorthodox and at the bleeding edge of technology.

Products Edit

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