Bionic Units Responsible for Nullification
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B.U.N.K.E.R., Odin

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Norb Network

The Bionic Units Responsible for Nullification, also known as B.U.R.N., is the Norb Network's ground-based army responsible for carrying out military actions against planetary threats. It is known throughout the Known Galaxy as a force to be reckoned with, while it has only seen minimal deployment in the galaxy at large due to its limited size.


BURN was formed simultaneously with the Heuristic Assault and Reconnaissance Machines in 3168, during the Technocrat War on Prautes. While HARM would go on to focus exclusively on special forces tasks, BURN became the overreaching organization responsible for all planetary operations.


BURN utilizes the unparalleled coordination of its member platforms to maximize mobility and logistics. Keeping extremely mobile, it eschews many of the habits and behaviors typically exhibited by armies. Minimizing any supply chains, BURN can rapidly reverse and accelerate their course in any direction, causing enemies who believe they have flanked, ambushed, or approached the rear to suddenly find themselves surrounded.



The branches of BURN, known as processes or sub-processes, include:

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