A blazebuzzer is a type of fire extinguisher made, used, and sold by the Kuhneebo Conglomerate. Originally created for use in space stations to minimize risk in enclosed spaces, they became far more commonplace after the adoption of arks by the kuhn. Blazebuzzers get their name from the signature sound that they produce, as they utilize acoustics to extinguish flames

The acoustic waves emitted by a blazebuzzer increases the velocity of the air, thinning the boundary layer where combustion occurs, and disrupt the surface of the fuel, increasing the width of the flame and disrupting combustion as the same amount of heat is spread over a wider area.

Compared to other forms of fire suppression, such as electromagnetic and foam-based methods, blazebuzzers do not cause any interference with electronic equipment or circuitry, making them ideal for extinguishing a flame without causing further damage to equipment. They do not have the same range as electromagnetic fire suppression devices, making them less effective for combating flames at a distance.

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