A blue bomb is a non-lethal explosive device used to temporarily disorient an enemy's senses. It is designed to produce a blinding flash of blue light without causing permanent injury. The earliest variants were developed by the Kuhneebo Conglomerate in the mid 2200's for dealing with knotarian and human forces.

As opposed to a traditional flash weapon, which produces a multi-spectrum explosion of light, the blue bomb - as its name suggests - generates an intense flash of light in the 500-600nm range. Like all flashbangs, it does not work by causing significant thermal effects like a laser, nor does it generate ionizing radiation. Instead, it triggers extreme levels of phototransduction in the photoreceptors of beings capable of seeing in that bandwidth of light. Because their inability to see in the majority of the visible spectrum prevents kuhneebo from being affected by the resulting wave, it provides an advantage for several seconds before targets can recover their vision.

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