The Buried Legions are a type of elite military unit in the cultures of the Kuhneebo Conglomerate. They consist of kuhn of any background who are approaching the ends of their lives. The tradition dates back to the Dannic Empire, where it was first used in large numbers.


While Kuhn of any age may join the Buried Legions, the majority are those who are near the end of their lifespans with thirty-three being the average age of enlistment. The Legions allow anyone to join, regardless of wealth, gender, beliefs, or skills. Joining is considered a lifetime service, and desertion is punishable by death and dishonor.

Upon joining, a Kuhn has a burial ceremony held for them. After this ceremony, their name is chiseled into the tablets of the Hall of the Legion and they abandon their identity, taking on a codename which they will carry for the rest of their life. The prestige associated with being written into the Tablets of the Ascended causes joining the Legions to appeal to Kuhn who would otherwise not have any honors recorded when they die. Additionally, members of the Legions are well taken care of, being well-fed when at base, which provides an incentive for the impoverished to join.


The Aux Sedonian Buried Legion go by the name of the Ashen Army, and are nicknamed The Dispensables.

Popular CultureEdit

The popular radio program, Codename: The Oxtobaar, follows the exploits of an Aux Sedonian member of the Dispensables.

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