Service: Fredrick and Moreno
Pasadel Company
Technical Specification
Length: 1100m
Armaments: (?) Beam Weapons
Crew: 99
FTL Capable: Yes

The Caroline is a Verandi space cruise ship turned cargo freighter that was registered on the planet Vermillion. The FTL drive was replaced, substituting the sub-standard cruise liner engine with a drive more up to standards for a vessel this size, and the sublight engines were replaced as well, allowing the Caroline to move slightly faster than a typical cruise liner. The ship is equipped with aftermarket weapons, consisting of beam weapons that are unprofessionally installed.[1] They lack a centrally-controlled system, instead being manually operated at each emplacement. [2]

It is currently owned by the Pasadel Company.

Ship LayoutEdit

The Caroline has 8 decks. The top two are living quarters and services for the crew, such as a cafeteria, showers, lounge, and game and exercise room. The third hold the bridge, environmental controls, medical ward, and rooms and offices for the officers. Deck four is engineering, and the remaining decks are for cargo. The various decks can be accessed via elevators going up and down.

The Captain's Chair on the bridge was upgraded by Employment Unit Bobby to include seat-warming functionality.


The Caroline started life as a cruise ship, the Astro Pacífico, part of the pleasure cruise fleet owned by Fredrick and Moreno Spacelines. After newer ships were completed, the Astro Paífico and her sister ships were all retired from the cruise liner fleet and sold off or scrapped. Astro Pacífico was bought by the Pasadel Company and concerted to a freighter. Her captain, Solaris Veila, rechristened the ship the Caroline, after her daughter.

The Caroline made runs mainly from Verandi to Earth, before an incident forced Captain Veila to dismiss much of the officers and crew. After taking in fresh sailors from Ceres, the Caroline headed to Titania to pick up cargo, but was nearly taken over during a Black Phalanx attack. Fighting off the boarders, the Caroline was able to alert the authorities of the impending attack on the Galactic Nations headquarters, saving thousands of lives and turning the crew into heroes overnight.

Erruan and Linda having a heated discussion while Maros watches. Source: Bobby.

Since the original transport job had been a ruse, Captain Veila had to secure another mission. An eccentric FMS citizen needed to transport his Earth chocolate to Filanticu for the upcoming chocolate convention being held on the moon and Veila agreed to take his goods.



Crew of the Caroline (3555)


Left to right: Rosemary, Soli, and Sennal enjoying drinks together. Source: Bobby.