The Charged Carbon-Core Continuous Cancellation Collimation Cannon (C7) is a Norb capital ship weapon. One of the most powerful energy weapons in the known galaxy, its incredibly high energy and power requirements mean that it is limited only to battleships, such as the Fernico-Class Battleship.


Using a carbon-based continuous-wave laser, the C7 is a devastating energy weapon that is on-par with other forms of heavy battleship weapons in terms of range, damage, and firing speed. Despite each cannon being attached to an enormous capacitor bank that can hold as much charge as a battleship's shielding system, the C7 can only be sustained for approximately 0.37 to 5.81 seconds per burst, depending on whether it is installed to a battleship or defense installation. At which point, a dedicated fusion power plant spends several seconds replenishing its energy reserves so that the cannon may be used again.