The Corrilian Cookie Competition is a baking competition created by Corrilia and held annually to find the greatest cookies in the universe.


Originally developed as a way to distract knotarians from more-pressing issues during the Dairy Wars, the Knotar Cooking Competition was introduced by Corrilia in 2247. Competitors from the regions of the Knotarian Republic that were under Corrilian influence would compete to present a panel of judges with the greatest cookie recipe. Entrants would specify a type of milk that would be best suited for their cookie, and then kuhn judges would have a taste test where they would score each entrant. The winner would receive a lifetime supply of alcohol, their own house, and a food stipend. All entrants forfeited the rights to their recipes, which would be used by Corrilian baking companies to mass produce and sell to their population.

With the discovery of new species, and new forms of dairy products, the contest expanded to encompass new species and planets, and eventually changed its name. Likewise, due to its galactic reach, the other corporations of the Kongo who wished to enter the competition signed a treaty that would allow admittance to any and all non-regional competitions held by any corporation.


The modern variant of the Corrilian Cookie Competition features a panel of 7 kuhn judges (two simales, two males, and three females) who will rate and score entrants in a blind-and-deaf taste test. In addition to baking cookies, competitors must also pick from one of fifty-seven varieties of milk that are in-stock to pair with their cookies, and select a temperature range for the liquid to be at when tasted.

There are also guest and celebrity judges who can weigh in, or serve on non-kuhn panels that are used to determine the winner of non-carbon-compatible cookie categories.

Winners are given a soil prize, as well as a licensing deal to use their name, likeness, and recipe in exchange for a portion of the profits.


  • Best Overall - Grand Champion
  • Best Decorated
  • Best Silicon-Based
  • Most Creative

Notable Grand ChampionsEdit

  • 3456: Flavor Enhancement Unit Mario, Prautes. His entry, "Chocolate Chip Strain 192-3X8JCD9-RRT5O11-168" scored lower than most winners in the creativity category, but had the perfect ratio of chocolate chips and macademia nuts.
  • 3548: "Rosemary", Rhizon. The first member of the Rhizon Collective to enter the competition (even though Rosemary is technically a rogue construct). Her rosemary butter cookies, while unorthodox, were creative enough to make her cookies a shoe-in for the Most Creative category, and while she suffered in the Best Silicon-Based category, the cookies worked out for her in the end.

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