The czypnid [Czypend, sing] or Cwêlff in their native tongue are one of the major races of the Bolaemia Bureaucracy.

Gaunt and slender, with a height of approximately 5-6 feet, with females usually a couple inches taller on average. They have beaks, four eyes, leathery skin and plumage on their shoulders, arms and heads. Smaller feathers appear on the rest of the body, save their forelimbs. Plumage occurs in a wide variety of colors, from brown to bright blue and patterns, with certain traits more common to particular clans and areas. They have 3 Fingers and 1 thumb directly opposed to their fingers, their feet are similar, though less flexible [ie. they cannot be opposed]. Their elbows and arms haunch backwards naturally and so can extend quite far when stretching are powerful when pouncing. They are cold blooded and omnivorous.

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