The dagorath, or variable railgun, is a weapon in the Legacy of Delor which borrows heavily from raijalresh and sarken technology. In the modern era it is the primary culture weapon of the Legacy, and together with the laerath are considered the two most notable weapons of volun culture.


The dagorath is a railgun of raijalresh influence that utilizes sarken fabrication technology, which loads solid iron ingots rather than conventional rounds. Dagoraths are larger than comprable railguns, as they include a mini-fabricator inside which utilizes a precision laser to cut round from the ingot. Smaller rounds require less energy to fire, and can be shot more rapidly, while larger rounds take longer to fire. Typically a dagorath can switch between three firing modes, though larger or more advanced models may have more. One consequence of this is that the weapon is usually inoperable for several seconds after changing modes or reloading as it prepares the ingot and laser, generally requiring it to be accompanied by a sidearm.


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