The Dairy Wars

2233 - 2788


Heavy Kuhneebo interference on Knotarian trade and government before Galactic Dark Age.

Kuhneebo Conglomerate

Xon Meda Society
Knotar Republic

Commanders and Leaders





The Dairy Wars were a series of conflicts between the Kuhneebo Conglomerate and the predecessor states of the Kingdom of Knotar that occurred before the Galactic Dark Age over their conflicting viewpoints on diplomatic relations, trade, and the administration of justice for foreign nationals.


Prior to the discovery of lactose, the most popular substances in the Kongo were the various smoking herbs that were widely grown and cultivated. With the introduction of dairy products, the Kuhn were able to experience a state akin similar, though less long-lasting, than being drunk. Milk became the most sought-after commodity in the entire conglomerate almost overnight. Every office needed to have milk and assorted paraphernalia related to its consumption to be considered sophisticated, while ice cream, yogurt, and other products were increasingly popular for entertainment purposes. The only trading partner to the Conglomerate at the time were the various Knotarian governments, whose ability to supply dairy products were limited.

Over the next few years, milk continued to rise in demand far more than any of the Knotarian governments could match in production. Eventually, the corporations of the Conglomerate took advantage of the divided and warring Knotarian governments, and spread throughout Knotarian systems. The corporations sought to upset the balance of power in local governments in order to place friendly officials in charge. In exchange for their title and power, the governors would put more of their citizens to work in their farm to raise livestock and produce dairy.

Animals from the Conglomerate, such as the Qousatee and Fissip - which produce a nutritious, alcohol-based liquid akin to milk known as chaon - were becoming less popular in the Conglomerate due to dairy being a larger part of the Kuhn diet. With its high alcohol concentration, variants of chaon could be used as a hard liquor, or watered down significantly and mixed with additional flavors to make drinks akin to ale and wine. The Conglomerate began to purchase Qousatees and Fissips from farmers at bargain prices, then export them to the Knotarians in order to make a large profit. With the massive quantities of liquor supplied by the Kuhn, the Knotarian population was kept placated. Massive advertising campaigns, and events such as the Corrilian Cookie Competition, were created to distract the populace.

As more nations were discovered, the desire for Knotarian dairy products lessened as human, Sirian, Amalah, He-Tai, and Snailian suppliers emerged in the marketplace with their own products, such as cow milk and zatru milk. The onset of the Galactic Dark Age caused Kongo control to finally break as the Knotarian governments all collapsed. With the Kingdom of Knotar unified, the ability to make a profit by funding guerrillas and overthrowing governments was severely diminished, to the point that it was no longer feasible.

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