"A battle fought fairly is a battle planned poorly."
-Dann the Immortal, founder of the Dannic Empire and the Third Path

The Dannic Empire was the first large-scale Stone Age society in the Kuhneebo Conglomerate, at its peak controlling a large section of Zeconis. Originating on the continent of Uochora, it expanded to Kiin, and at its height controlled Inovanri. Originally ruled by Dann the Immortal, one of the queen consorts of the Emperxor of Gurbenia, who seized power after xer death, she rose to power by taking advantage of the regions that had been destabilized in a series of civil wars and political conflict. Dann went on to conquer the lands of Kiin, and enacted a series of reforms to revolutionize the nation's technology and military, preparing it for the invasion of the world. She began to preserve the writings and teachings of the First and Second Paths of the Branchway, while using her knowledge and experience to create the first several sections of the Third Path.

Dying of old age before her plans could come to fruition, her daughter, Dann the Conqueror, Firstborn of Dann the Immortal, took on the title of Fistborn and carried out her plan for invasion, conquering Kiin. Over several generations, the Dannic Empire expanded its reach and conquered Inovanri, wiping out the Significant Six - the six largest nations that had ruled Inovanri for countless Aiyuras.

The Dannic Empire began to decline several centuries after conquering Innovanri as a result of its own size and success. The technological advancements, strategies, and knowledge it had used to its advantage had propagated to the ends of Zeconis, providing nations the means to destroy it. After holding power for 831 years, it was disintegrated and broken up into dozens of independent nations.

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