Delorism is the religion of the Legacy of Delor and an integral part of Legacy society. It is named after its volun founder, Delor.


Delorism is named after Delor, and the majority of teachings and stories originate from his lifetime.

Fire and blood are two important elements of Delorism. One's blood is said to carry the strongest concentration of one's soul, while fire and heat are believed to enhance the spiritual energy in the blood. There are no traditional gods in the Legacy, instead all people are considered to be bearers of spirits. Major figures, such as Delor himself, are regarded as mortals who accomplished great deeds, relying on their own strength, intelligence, courage, and persistence, without any sort of "divine" influence. Because of this, while the Legacy population does have a majority of volun due to historical reasons, Delorens are not spiritually segregated due to race or species. Disembodied spirits that represent concepts, such as chaos and death, are frequently villainized.

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