Devarda-Class Corvette
Class Overview
Service: Norb Network
Commissioned: 3190
Preceded By:  ?
Succeeded By:  ?
Built: 8191
Active: 3083
Type: Corvette
Length: 350m
Engines: 1x Q-thruster
Armor: 1.3m S8
Armaments: 1 x P5

1x S3 Array
3x P4 Array

Crew: Corvette OCULUS
FTL Capable: Yes

The Devarda-Class corvette is a type of Norb Network capital ship. Designed at the same time as the Duralumin-Class Destroyer and Pewter-Class Frigate, the ships feature similar designs and technology.

One of the smallest FTL-capable capital ships in the galaxy, the Devarda is used to escort unarmed ships across the galaxy, as well as to patrol borders and monitor supposedly-empty sectors. Most Norb vessels are escorted by a corvette while traveling between systems, with the Devarda being the most economical ship of that size. Because of this, it is the single most-produced Norb capital ship, as well as the class that has suffered the most losses over the centuries.

It is lightly armed, with only a single main gun used for engaging other large ships, while its other gun batteries are used for fighter and missile defense. However, instead of relying on missiles like many other corvettes tend to, the Devarda carries one standard-sized Norb Wing.