The drop baar is a timand from Zeconis that is related to the baar via an evolutionary ancestor. Unlike baars, which are seen as potentially-dangerous animals that can be avoided by peaceful means, drop baars are extremely aggressive and will fight to the death.


Drop baars are smaller than baars, usually only 1.5 meters in diameter, although their three legs are still as large as a baar's. They are denser, with their armor being particularly thick and dense. Their teeth are smaller as well, but their increased strength makes it more difficult to break, and they grow back.


Drop baars retain the group mentality of baars, which they employ for improved performance when hunting. A group of drop baars will travel together, sharing their kills and protecting the group, prioritizing the defense of simales and young. As opposed to baars, who roam, drop baars have a tendency to find a branch and reside on it for hours on end. They are named after their "drop" style of hunting, which combines their thick armor and gravity for deadly effect. When a desirable target is below a group of drop baars, they will rain down on it at great speed. If the drop baars missed, or the target is somehow not dead, the surrounding animals close in and finish the job with their claws and teeth. Herds of roaming animals can be targeted in this fashion.

Relationship with KuhnEdit

Drop baars have long been held by kuhn as a vicious threat, with some ancient cultures either worshiping the creatures or swearing oaths of vengeance against them. It is theorized that the widespread adoption of spears over any other form of martial weapon arose from ancient drop baar defenses. By carrying a spear and planting it in the branch or ground while walking, it offered slight protection from drop baars. When groups of kuhn walked together with their spears, their ability to shield themselves from a drop baar strike increased.


The drop baar is carnivorous, with its internal structure radically different from a baar's to allow it increased efficiency in the consumption of meat.

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