A dropbox is a modular combat mobility system designed for urban, arboreal, and other vertically-intensive environments. It is produced by the Kuhneebo Conglomerate. Utilizing various synthcord technologies, it can deploy lengths of cord to allow soldiers to rapidly traverse large vertical and horizontal distances. Using hyper-compressed synthcord that is preserved in a liquid state, it allows for customizable lengths and thicknesses to suit any intended use. A single system allows a team of soldiers to rapel down a building. A set of high-velocity hook initiation devices allow for the creation of extremely long ziplines. Soldiers can have small hooks mounted in their armor or carried on their person, while larger hooks meant for moving vehicles and heavy equipment tend to utilize reusable hooks rather than dedicated ones.

The modular nature of the dropbox causes its size, ability, and distribution to vary depending on its intended use. A small unit carried by a paratrooper or drop trooper allows their entire squadron to mobilize. Larger systems, such as those carried by infantry or vehicles, can allow for personnel, vehicles, and matériel to be deployed rapidly to areas of high strategic values.

While most Kongolese military vehicles are equipped with micro-thrusters to allow for realizing drops, few that are meant for traversing long horizontal distances are capable of true flight. The dropbox is used to make up for this, by allowing for them to cross impassable terrain, such as rivers and canyons, without having to divert around them.

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