Duralumin-Class Destroyer
Class Overview
Service: Norb Network
Commissioned: 3190
Preceded By:  ?
Succeeded By:  ?
Built: 511
Active: 237
Type: Destroyer
Length: 450m
Engines: 3x Q-thruster
Armor: 4.1m S8
Armaments: 3 x P5

3x S3 Array
5x P4 Array

Crew: Destroyer OCULUS
FTL Capable: Yes

The Duralumin-class destroyer is one of the oldest classes of Norb Network destroyers still in use. While larger capital ships are only built in small numbers to keep as a readily-available reserve, the Norb saw the need to build a large number of destroyers which could patrol against non-governmental threats. Carriers and battleships work well in war, but for patrol duty against smaller pirate vessels, it was considered inefficient to maintain large quantities of enormous ships which would severely outclass the majority of threats. While several destroyer classes preceded the Duralumin class, they were based on the ships of other nations and were put together quickly to fill the gap in firepower during and shortly after the Technocrat War. However, the Duralumin was the first destroyer to be a truly Norb design.

Featuring technology that would later be implemented on its larger siblings, the Duralumin introduced the first versions of the Norb's take on shielding and armoring, S8, while also including a pair of P5 main guns for dealing with heavy threats, and S3 and P4 arrays for missile and fighter defense. While a small ship, in keeping in line with standard Norb combat practices it houses a trio of standard-sized fighter wings.

While newer classes have been created, many Duralumins have managed to survive from and continue to serve, and are the most-common destroyer in Norb space.

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