The Dzäwenid [Dzäwend, sing] are one of the three main member species of the Bolaemia Bureaucracy.


Their name literally meaning "Home-dwellers", they are the natives of the planet they call Dzäwezd, or "Home" before off-worlders [even those of their own species].

Birthed as eggs, the Dzäwenid spend their early lives under water, before emerging as adults. They have 3 rather radically different stages during their life cycle but are "active" during the adult stage, which will be described below.

They are relatively short, 4-5 feet long, though much of this is in their "tail" with their torsos only being about a foot, and their heads about half a foot long. They possess 8 thin limbs, all of which have opposable digits. Their largest features are their wings, with wing spans ranging up to 6 feet, though these wings may fold on to their backs. They have keen hearing which operates from primitive ears in their hindlegs and large eyes which offer a large peripheral vision though they cannot see far. Mouths are long, usually about three inches, from the bottom of their heads to about half way up their faces where their eyes meet, separated only by a thin stripe. They are invertebrates with bright exoskeletons, often vibrant green or blue, though red, gold and other varieties are known and cold blooded, which is largely the reason for their ancestral migrations. They are omnivorous.

Their physiology is not well adapted to off planet life and find it difficult to thrive in situations which Humans and other civilized species are adapted for. Particularly, they are unaccustomed to the heavier gravity which Humans feel comfortable in and as a result do not fly, but retract their wings and wear specialized suits to support their weight and operate using prosthetic legs for support and height. As a result, their faces are rarely seen by off-worlders.

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