The EMP Grenade - also dubbed a "E Grenade" - is a type of grenade in common use with the Sirian military. By generating a powerful EMP, it is designed to cause electrical systems to go haywire, force a reboot, or even burn them out. The exact result depends on several factors, including how close the target is upon detonation, as well as how well hardened it is. For example, an armoured vehicle at the edge of the grenade's range will weather the effects far better than powered armour caught in the centre. Despite this element of unpredictability, it is seen as well worth the investment. Even a moment of distraction can make the difference between victory and defeat, and if nothing else it forces opponents to approach Sirian infantry with caution.

This is not to say that all Powered Infantry see the benefits - indeed, some make a point of foregoing the E Grenade in favour of more immediately destructive ordinance, citing the weapon's mercurial nature. For the forseeable future, however, the EMP grenade will make a frequent appearance.

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