Eden was a Human world in the binary star system of Centauri. It was the capital world of the Centauri Commonwealth, the capital of the Centauri Province, and the oldest colonized human world outside the Sol System. It was the second most populated planet in the Confederacy. Eden was the headquarters of all Confederacy government branches and was culturally notable for its near millenia old structures including churches, skyscrapers, and recreation centers.

At some point during the Dark Age the planet suffered a cataclysm that stripped off its atmosphere and destabilized the magnetosphere, killing the entire population of six billion. This is believed to have been a major factor in the collapse of the Centauri Confederacy. Several attempts to terraform and recolonize Eden have resulted in failure and the planet remains uninhabited to this day.


Eden is the only planet in the Centauri System.


Eden derives its name from the biblical book of Genesis, where God plants the Garden of Eden to supply the needs of the first humans, Adam and Eve.

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