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The Einnja Encounter was a border skirmish between the Sirian Union and Norb Network in 3168.


After purchasing a small fleet of ships from the He-Tai for use against the Technocrats, the Norb chose to fly them along a path closer to Sirian space than their own, so as to avoid any Technocrat patrols from finding them and providing advanced warning. Due to the non-standardization of international space before the formation of the Galactic Nations, the Sirian Union had established that their territory extended several lightyears beyond what was standardly used.

When the fleet appeared near the Einnja system, as the Sirian patrol fleet in this area was in the path the Norb fleet was intending to take, the two groups drew closer. The patrol fleet hailed the Norb in an attempt to uncover their intent. When the hail went unanswered, the patrol fleet warned the Norb vessels to stop or they would be fired upon. The Norb fleet continued undeterred, and the Sirians fired a warning shot directly across the path of the lead ship.

They then issued an ultimatum: halt immediately or be considered enemy combatants. The Norb vessels fired a warning shot of their own and declared they were in international space as they did not recognize the expanded borders of Sirian space and had every right to continue on their path. The Sirians went to radio silence and moved in, opening fire on the perceived He-Tai invaders.

The battle was expected to end quickly with minimal losses, and the Sirians had already begun preparing to accept prisoners before the first shot was fired. The unexpected self-destructive runs being made by the ships caused the Sirians to incur more losses than planned before they managed to destroy the invaders.


The relationship between the Norb Network and the Sirian Union became strained after this event, leading to the Norb further favoring the Verandi Empire in trade agreements, rather than their neighbors to the north-west.

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