Ember Dust is a synthetic incendiary agent utilised solely by the Sirian Army. It is a powder-like substance that undergoes auto-ignition upon exposure to air, burning at extremely high temperatures. Initially designed as an anti-drone and anti-powered armour weapon, it is prone to drift into air intake systems, vents/fans, and other gaps in machinery or powered armour. That aside, it also makes things unbearably hot for vehicle operators, robots, and powered armour users that are exposed to it.

The typical methods of delivery are frangible rounds or grenades launched via under-slung grenade launchers. The grenades have a disc at their base that can be twisted to adjust the spread of Ember Dust for precise shots or maximum coverage.

Another form of Ember Dust is Ember Water, which is normally delivered via air launched munitions or artillery. It requires a chemical "activator" to ignite, which mixes with the Ember Water fluid during deployment. Both Ember Water and Ember Dust are very difficult to get off once they adhere, but the incendiaries rarely spread beyond an extremely short distance. This ensures that unfavourable weather conditions do not result in Ember Dust being blown back toward friendly lines. An uncommon extinguishing agent can be used to douse the agents.

Containers or rounds filled with Ember Dust have a orange stripe painted on them, whilst those filled with Ember Water have an alternating blue and orange stripe to indicate that it is safe as long as the activator does not come into contact with the fluid. In some ways, the name of "Ember Water" is a misnomer; its consistency is closer to gel, akin to Napalm.

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