Employment Unit Bobby
Species: Norb Mountain Gorilla
Nation: Norb Network
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: February 8, 3535 (Age 20)
Homeworld: Prautes
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark brown
Position: Engineer

Employment Unit Bobby, commonly referred to as Bobby, is a Norb frame currently in employed on the Caroline, a ship captained by Solaris Veila.

Bobby was born on Prautes on February 8, 3535, and raised on a Norb wildlife preserve until he was mature enough to undergo frame conversion. After a few years residing in a simulation city, he was given an intergalactic assignment. Bobby was one of the many frames assigned to observe the multi-cultural experience known as "employment", due to primate life being similar to the seemingly vast variants of humans, thus allowing comparability with humanoid lavatories. He was given what the organics call "wiggle room" by the Network in terms of freedom in the name of learning, so as to give him reactions intended to seem more natural to his coworkers.

He would be hired on the Caroline within a few years.


Bobby and Rosemary during the 184th Galactic Chocolate Convention on Heiwa.