Erruanuzua Irrek
Species: Sirian
Nation: Sirian Union
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 3529 (Age 26)
Homeworld: Siria
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Yellow
Relatives: Serruzua Irrek (Eldest sister)

Seilkhr Irrek (Younger sister)

Ranzua Irrek (Younger sister)

Leikao Irrek (Younger sister)

Seil Irrek (Younger brother)

Position: Security Chief
Rank: Eziarrokir (Ret.)

Erruanuzua Irrek, or Erruan is a former Sirian military service member and currently the chief security officer working aboard the Verandi transport ship Caroline.


Erruan was born to one of the military families on Siria, and named after the cunning soldier of Sirian legend. Her childhood was tough, but fair. Much to the surprise of nobody, she was quickly enlisted in a prestigious military academy, with an end goal of joining the Powered Infantry. Her lecturers noted that despite her blunt manner, she was technically competent and almost single-minded in her pursuit to achieve her goals.

Leaving the academy, she joined the Sirian Army as an Ezijir in the Powered Infantry - just as intended. Slowly, she began to climb the ranks, though her behaviour earned her no favours with command. However, they could not find a suitable pretext to remove her from service, and so she was merely shuffled around various deployments, normally at the border of Sirian space to preclude any chance of visiting dignitaries running into her. This was not to last.

Her most infamous incident involved a copious amount of alcohol, the rest of her squad (who were swiftly reprimanded for egging her on), and a rather bewildered bartender. Feeling that they had gotten their chance, Erruan's immediate superiors quietly pushed her out of the military with an honourable discharge.

She proceeded to drift around the galaxy for several months, trying to find someone that could utilise her talents. She eventually found herself on Ceres, in the Sol System where she was hired by Captain Solaris Veila as part of the security team for the Caroline


  • When she's on duty, she is almost inevitably wearing a well-worn silver set of semi-powered body armour with red marks that identify her as belonging to the Irrek family.