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Exeirran Military Engineering (often referred to as EME) is a Sirian company that operates in the defence sector. Extremely prominent even outside the Sirian Union, EME is known for its high quality products.

History Edit

Exeirran Military Engineering was formed by Raenn Saliin in the aftermath of the St. Anne War, who was dissatisfied with what she saw as a lack of powerful and effective armaments. She began a small company specialising in design. This was soon to blossom into full blown manufacturing and more as it gained a reputation for hardy, capable products. This resulted from engagements with pirates and other undesirables.

Its designs were first seriously tested during the Six Year War. They proved effective, with military units reporting far fewer cases of damage or injury, malfunctions, and loss than during the St. Anne War. This only swelled EME's coffers further, and it strove to take advantage of every positive article and comment to sell even more equipment.

Today Exeirran Military Engineering is doing anything but resting on its laurels, with their R&D division frequently testing new prototypes and refinements being applied to designs already in production.


The logo of EME is symbolic of its design philosophy. Each rectangle represents a different aspect of military design - firepower, protection, and agility. This is often known as the "Three Pillars" within the company.

The inner triangle represents dynamism and progress, facilitated by the Three Pillars.

Divisions Edit

A large corporation, EME has several divisions specialising in different products. Some of these were formed from acquired companies, whilst others were created wholly independently. The parent company specialises in powered armour design and production.

  • Exeirran Military Dynamics (vehicles)
  • Exeirran Weapons Engineering
  • Exeirran Research & Development

Products Edit

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