Far Space War


  • United Stars Victory
  • Political instability in Knotar leading to coup and Knotar War.
  • Snailian-Kuhneebo Drive Delivery Agreement

Kingdom of Knotar

United Stars

Commanders and Leaders



The Far Space War was a conflict between the Kingdom of Knotar and the United Stars. It originated when both nations laid claim to a star system far away from either of their territories in an attempt to set up a trading post and monopolize the profits from it.

The WarEdit

The Snailians began to mass-produce their new FTL drives in 3103, which turned the tide of battle when introduced. Capable of traveling faster than before and without using Mythril, Snailian fleets outpaced those of the Knotarians and ultimately forced a victory.

Another factor that contributed to the Knotarian defeat was the sudden rise in Mythril prices from the the ships of the Kuhneebo Conglomerate that normally supplied them due to the allegedly-increased risk in mining and trading during war-time. This Mythril price fixing, combined with less-frequent Ark visits, meant the Knotarians were only importing a third of the Mythril they needed at seven times the price. With their fleets forced to conserve fuel as much as possible, the Knotarians were further hindered in their actions.


After the defeat of the Kingdom of Knotar, King Raunt found himself dealing with an embarrassing loss, an empty treasury, and overwhelming opposition which would eventually lead to a coup and the Knotar War.

The Kuhneebo strengthened their ties with the United Stars by contracting their Arks to exclusively transport the new FTL drives they were producing to buyers under heavy guard.

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