Fernico-Class Battleship
Class Overview
Service: Norb Network
Commissioned: 3286
Preceded By:  ?
Succeeded By:  ?
Built: 5
Active: 4
Type: Battleship
Length: 600m
Engines: 6x Q-thruster
Armor: 8.4m S8
Armaments: 3x C7

4x G6
6x P5
12x S3 Array
15x P4 Array

Crew: Battleship OCULUS
FTL Capable: Yes

The Fernico-Class Battleship is one of the largest and most heavily armed Norb Network capital ships. It is nearly the size of a carrier, but carries only slightly more spacecraft than a cruiser. Instead, it has some of the largest practical ship weapons and armor the Norb produce mounted onboard. The Fernico is heavily armed, relying on a trio of C6 cannons, as well as several P5 and G6 cannons to attack heavily armored targets.

Unlike many other nations, though, the Norb produce battleships in extremely limited quantity. Because of their disinterest in aggression and focus on peacekeeping, Norb FTL combat ships are preferred small in order to economically escort and patrol, while their largest combat ships are built for system defense and aren't equipped with superluminal engines, only five were ever created. They rarely, if ever, leave Norb space. The only one to be damaged was reassigned as a lightweight sublight sector patrol vessel.

It is shaped like a triangular cylinder, with a C6 mounted on each face.