The Flare in the North

2822 - 2835


Kongolese withdrawal from Knotarian space
Nationalization of abandoned Kuhneebo equipment

Kuhneebo Conglomerate

Kingdom of Knotar
United Stars

Commanders and Leaders


400,000,000 Knotarians
159,000,000 Snailians


37,000,000 Knotarians
4,000,000 Snailians

The Flare in the North was an occupation of the Kingdom of Knotar by the the Kuhneebo Conglomerate in the early years after the Galactic Dark Age. Despite the diminished importance of Knotarian dairy products on the Kongolese economy, several firms sought to continue the pre-Dark Age practices from the Dairy Wars.


Shortly after the establishment of the Kingdom of Knotar in 2822, several Zeconian firms resumed their previous occupation of several Knotarian planets, operating numerous ground facilities. By claiming swathes of territory to house pastures, farms, mines, refineries, starports, landing strips, and housing while paying only token fees, the Knotarians were losing revenue. However, due to a combination of bribes and intimidation, the government did not take action.

The FlareEdit

United Stars AidEdit

In 2834, representatives from the Kingdom of Knotar and the newly-established United Stars met in secret to discuss sending Snailian aid to the Kingdom. Several months later, the first Snailian fleet entered Knotarian space to demand the surrender of the Kuhneebo.

Knotarian UprisingEdit

Bolstered by the addition of the Snailian forces, the Kingdom and several Knotarian resistance groups took action and began to stage uprisings in various territories, reclaiming their lands and destroying key facilities.

Kuhn WithdrawalEdit

Starting in early 2835, the Zeconian firms began to see that even if victorious, the addition of Snailian forces no longer made their exploitation of Knotar a profitable one. There would be no solution in which their share prices could be restored to their original value if they continued the war, only if they surrendered before suffering greater losses. On May 25, 2835, the Kongolese forces surrendered conditionally to allow for a full retreat.


The Conglomerate ceded to the demands of the Knotarians and Snailians, and abandoned their claims to their facilities in Knotarian space. All of their farms, mines, refineries and other facilities were nationalized by the Kingdom of Knotar. Unlike the days of the Republic and Xon Meda Society, the Kingdom of Knotar was finally unified. And with Kuhneebo interference now gone, it was unified in a way the Knotarian people had never before seen.

The Flare strengthened ties between the Kingdom and the United Stars that would last for several decades, though future events such as the Far Space War would cause them to grow apart.

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