GU-1 Aral
Place of Origin: Sirian Union
Service: 3536 - Present
Produced: 3536 - Present
Built:  ???
Type: Light VTOL gunship
Length: 17.8m
Height: 4.37m
Width: 3.28m (including stub wings)
1 x chin turret, containing:
  • 1 x L197 20mm 3 barrel Gatling railcannon
  • 2 x L197 20mm 3 barrel Gatling railcannon
  • 2 x L129 40mm grenade launchers
  • 1 x of each
6 x hardpoints, mounting:
  • 2.75 inch unguided rocket pods (7 or 19 rounds)
  • AA-9 Typhoon air to air missiles (up to 2)
  • AG-114 Reaper air to ground missiles (up to 16 in 4 round launchers)
Armor: Pellao armour plating
Speed: 400 knots (in atmosphere)
Crew: 2 (Pilot, Co-pilot/Gunner)

The GU-1 Aral is a space capable VTOL used by both the Sirian Army Space Corps and the Sirian Army Air Corps. It is named after the snake-like reptile of the Sirian homeworld.

Armament Edit

Role & Design Edit

The GU-1 is intended to be a highly mobile yet well armed VTOL gunship that can be ferried to the combat zone, deployed from space, and fly itself to where it is needed.

Armament Edit

The GU-1 is always equipped with a universal chin turret that contains either a single railcannon, a pair of railcannons, or a grenade launcher(s). The exact load out varies depending on the mission.

A significant part of its offensive capabilities is down to the weapons it carries under its stub wings; these may be a pair of rocket pods or air to surface missiles capable of destroying hostile armour. However, for self-defence against other aircraft it can only use a pair of short range air to air missiles - anything else is a dicey proposition.

Defences Edit

Its thin, waspish design makes it a frustrating target to hit, particularly when approached from directly ahead or behind. Furthermore, it contains a sensor warning receiver that alerts the crew to any active sensors currently emitting, as well as their state and position. The GU-1 may make use of decoys and countermeasures to defeat incoming fire, but its primary defence is its sleek profile and speed. A small integrated jammer affords another measure of protection.

Mobility Edit

The GU-1 is agile and fast, capable of going up to 400 knots in atmosphere. This is thanks to its pair of engine pods mounted high on the fuselage, which can use their thrust vectoring to achieve impressive feats of manoeuvrability. However, if it were to lose more than one, it would be on a rapid descent to terra firma.

Variants Edit

  • GU-1: The standard variant. It only retains the "U" designator because it was based very loosely on a utility design - a ploy to sneak it past the Sirian federal treasury, or so some say.
  • GU-1R: Export variant of the GU-1. Used by the Jiptohr Empire, Levant, Knotar, and Nation of the Zehir.

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