A NSPGH Galactic Heritage Site is a place in the galaxy that is listed by the Norb Network as of special physical or cultural significance, located in international territory and outside the protection of any known civilization. After a location is deemed worthy of protection and maintenance, a small group of ships provide interim protection. Over the next decade, a cluster of Von Neumann machines are placed on a nearby asteroid or comet, converting it into an Annihilator-Class Plasma Devastator Facility to ensure that the location is allowed to continue developing in its natural state, free from interference by outside forces.

List of Galactic Heritage SitesEdit

  • Probe NBSHR-DSED55: One of the oldest publicly-known probes launched by the ancient Norbessi that still exists and has been found, and one of the furthest artificial objects from civilized space. It was rediscovered by the Norb several decades after the creation of their first FTL drive, its trajectory reconstructed from ancient records and tracked down by a scout ship. It later became the first object to be declared a Galactic Heritage Site when the program was founded in 3237. Though it has long since sent back data from the celestial bodies it was supposed to map and been inactive for thousands of years, it continues to forever fly towards the edge of the galaxy as a reminder of what the Norb's predecessors once were.

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