The geiro was a tablet carried by officials and envoys of the the Dannic Empire - an ancient Zeconian nation - to signify certain privileges and authority. Made out of a rare material, using a process only known by the Empire, it was impossible to replicate, and worth a fortune.

The tablet compelled local officials to provide food and shelter for bearers of the geiro, as well as their mounts. The reverse side of the tablet bore the markings of the "Ritual of Retribution", a promise that a kuhn who harmed the geiro's bearer, or who accepted or dealt with the geiro in trade, would be hunted down by the elite soldiers of the Empire, their names stricken from memory, and their bodies fed to baars.

In the modern speech of the Kuhneebo Conglomerate, the geiro is sometimes used in expressions to refer to an object of great value, a guarantee, or a punishment. "Lot a geiro" is used to convey a devastating financial loss, while "bearing a geiro" is a common way to express confidence in one's ideas.

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