GOATS in the Shell: Goatal Recall is a 2D-animated feature film based on the GOATS in the Shell franchise. It is produced by the Norb Network.

The film starts off with an intense battle between the GOATS and Kaladian terrorist Sergeant Sirius's tree-golem army for control of a water treatment plant. The Sergeant plans to release a mind control toxin to bend the people of the planet to his will, and make Atlantica the industrial base of the Neo Kaladian Empire. After the GOATS destroy the spore dispersion device that has been set up, the Sergeant escapes on his personal rocket. Cinnamon leaps towards the rocket, but her jump is coming up short. As a last resort, she personally jumps out of her mecha suit and throws herself the remaining distance, latching onto the rocket. Chewing through the wires before it can reach the stratosphere and defeating the Sergeant in a kung-fu fight, the rocket explodes in mid-air.

Cinnamon regains consciousness on a goat farm, but her memory is inaccessible, making her think she is just like any other goat. At night, when all of the goats go to sleep, she has strange dreams involving the moons. This continues for several days, with Cinnamon going about daily goat life, and playing with the children who work on their parent's farm. Overhearing some farmhands, she learns that there was an explosion about a hundred miles away, where something fell out of the sky and destroyed a meat-packing plant to the East. She is overwhelmed with a sensation that this information is important, but cannot determine why. That night, her dreams become even more intense.

The following morning, Cinnamon decides to run away, and manages to hop the fence after a comedic encounter with a determined farmhand. Now alone, she begins wandering in the direction of the rising sun, not quite sure why. As she approaches a town, she has numerous encounters with animal control, playful children, and overzealous farmers. Eventually, she reaches Atlantica City. For over half of the movie, Cinnamon journeys around the city, observing its scenic locations and visiting local businesses.

Finally, Cinnamon manages to get on a bus heading East. After getting off at the station and heading towards the crash site, she is detected by Bahamat, who rushes over to her. She determines that parts of her software module are unconnected, which left her without her memories, and had disabled her wireless devices. She restores them, giving Cinnamon her memories back. As they head home, Cinnamon describes the highlights of her day.

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