The Gyroscopic Geometrical Graviton Gain Generator Gun (G6) is a Norb Network anti-ship weapon.


The G6 builds on the foundation of the Synthetic Shockwave System, replacing sections with components similar to those commonly found in artificial gravity systems. These changes provide dramatic improvements to range and energy efficiency, making it viable as a capital ship's anti-ship weapon. However, these improvements come at the cost of no longer being a constant stream, instead firing individual shots that prove incredibly ineffective at targeting small, fast vessels.

It generates what is best described as a 'ball' of gravitons that are carefully arranged and trapped in a plasma flux, then sent out of the weapon at high velocity. Upon contact, the struck surface experiences a massive gravitational shift, resulting in damage reminiscent of being impacted by kinetic weaponry, and is comparable to the performance of weapons in its class. Because of this, the G6 does more damage-per-gigajoule to armor than most other Norb capital ship weapons, at the cost of being less effective against shields.